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The Zerby Town Dam- It’s a very rainy day in Zerby Town. Zack and Lily find a stream washing the roads away. When they get to the top of the hill and find where the stream is coming from, Zack, Lily and the Construction Zerbies try to stop it. They build a dam, but it doesn’t take long for it to overflow. So the Zerbies have to put their hoods together to come up with another solution, fast!

Hide & Seek- Zack and Rex are playing hide and seek. But Rex is too big (and too yellow) to do a very good job at hiding. First Rex tries hiding behind a rock, but he’s too big. Then he tries hiding in leaves, but the leaves blow away. He tries hiding in sticks, but there aren’t enough of them to cover him. But Rex is determined to try, try again until he finds a way to hide so Zack can’t find him.

Race, Dig, Build, and Play with the Zerbies! Join them in Zerby Derby, a world where pint-sized cars live and play in a life-size forest.

Zerby Derby is a fully live-action series, where toy-sized, remote-controlled cars live and play in a life-sized forest. The show is aimed at reinforcing play-pattern recognition to its preschool audience: toys in the backyard, having adventures. Using this concrete link, Zerby Derby deals with one of the most important hurdles for a preschooler, failure. Nothing ever works the first time the Zerbies try something, but whether it’s crossing streams, building dams or exploring a meadow, the Zerbies approach every problem with enthusiasm, and when things go wrong, they happily tackle each set-back with their mantra, “try, try again”. So strap in and hold on to your hubcaps, as Zerby Derby takes you on an adventure, using a magnificent location and animatronic characters to augment, yet duplicate, the kinds of things preschoolers do every day.

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