Warriors Roleplay! With RoselinProductions, CaptainMorwen, and MyNameisWater,Dummy!


We are trying out some Warriors DnD style role play with some of our characters! Avalon will be our DM. I am playing as Blackstone, a Senior Warrior of WindClan, Morwen is playing Wildheart, another Senior Warrior from ThunderClan, and Water will be playing Graymist, another Senior Warrior from ShadowClan!

Story set-up:
As the clans suffer terrible blizzard after terrible blizzard, the medicine cat of ThunderClan, Feldspar, gives the clan a message that “heavy storms will plague leaf-bare and cause an alliance of the hunt.” After Feldspar dies from freezing to death, the ThunderClan warrior Wildheart is determined to find the answers to his prophecy.


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31 thoughts on “Warriors Roleplay! With RoselinProductions, CaptainMorwen, and MyNameisWater,Dummy!

  1. I got a D & D ad before this,and while I was listening to the greatness of the song,I read the description.

  2. I want to join a roleplay, but I don't know how to… I even have two Warriors OCS! Cricketleap the medicine cat and Vireowing the warrior!

  3. Thank you for sharing it! Just one question: Where do you have the adventure/campain from? Or did you made it yourself. I am looking for a few more campains and I bet there are some good fanmade around somewhere, but couldn´t find them.

  4. i have oc for warrior cats her names moth pool shes from shadow clan shes really fluffy but shes black with orange spots and amber eyes she fell in love with cloud whisker from river clan cloud whisker is not my oc but hes white cat with icy blue eyes lol

  5. what if Firestar faked his death because he was sick of clan dramas and now that tigerstar was dead he could leave

  6. so far i'm 34:56 in and i gotta say i would love a better organized and straightforward version of this game….so ima make one! use it if you will! :

    [name] [clan] [level] [age] [class] [Hp]
    [strength] [health] [intelligence]
    [3 skills] (+1 depending on class, clan, story or training)
    max of 3 death saves (unless of leader class)
    9 lives if leader of a clan.

    you have 12 tokens to spend on anything, skills or otherwise; even if part of gameplay itself for a potential extra boon. (you gain a token if you've hunted and caught something that can be eaten or found a "herbal" remedy, you gain 2 tokens depending on teamwork or if you've accomplished a story feat ((up to SC what this means))) though you can only edit your base stats each time you level up; even then you cannot use any tokens on your character sheet after you've initially put them down unless at a place like the moon pool (places where starclan can interact with you)

    SC=StarClan=DungeonMaster, DF=DarkForest=DM got it? got it.

    str=-1 (as kit) str=0 (at untrained/apprentice) str=+1 (as adult) (+3 if warrior)
    health=0(kit) health=1(Untrained/apprentice) heath=+2(adult) (+4 if medicine cat)
    int=0(kit) int=+1(untrained/apprentice) int=+2(adult) (+3 if leader)

    if you are doing things like hanging off cliffs (don't know why you would) give your SC a Strength check ([str modifier] to beat a 3 at the least)
    attacks? Strength [str modifier+skill=Damage] (no skill for it? don't add anything but your original mod) flip a coin! if you get the side you picked you strike! if you don't then flip another; cats are naturally fast creatures so who knows you might just get hit yourself. (same for opponents)

    if you get hit or if something falls on you take a look at your health score/mod (if you have a rock flung right to the face the dc you have to beat is at least 3, depending on how bad an injury is you might have to flip a coin to see if you go unconscious, if you do go unconscious you have to ether use tokens to get back up quickly or if you are in combat flip a coin each time it's your turn; 3 heads=3success, 3 tails=3 fails= no chance of bringing you back)
    healing on a successful coin flip is [hel mod+1, and resting during application=+1 for days rest]
    after enough time (level 10) training/being a medcat you gain the ability to spot poisonous plants and if you live around twolegs you gain the ability to sniff out rat poison, etc.

    more will possibly be added in future comments….i need to watch the rest of this then sleep.

  7. I have the same problem with turning everything into cats or dragons. Same thing with the W.O.F. hybrids (I like them better than the regular dragons but if I had to pick, SeaWings are my favorite from Phyrria and LeafWings are my favorite from Pantala – or maybe SilkWings?)

  8. Yasssss!! Don’t know if this was only a joke, but I would TOTALLY play a warriors rpg game that wasn’t this! No offense, I still like this game 😂

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