Warriors Adventure Game | Creating a Character


Let’s make a Warrior cat together! Follow along to create your very own character for the Warriors Adventure Game.

Blank Character Sheet ➡

Quickstart Guide ➡

Full Rules of the Warriors Adventure Game ➡

Thanks to soundbible for the cat meow sound, provided under CC Attribution 3.0 license.


Nguồn: https://onvideonews.com/

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33 thoughts on “Warriors Adventure Game | Creating a Character

  1. What if someone try Tom combine the warriors game with life, monopoly or etc and try roleplaying that way?

  2. to all the ppl saying they don't have friends to play this with: YOU'RE ON THE INTERNET! JOIN A WARRIORCATS DISCORD (im sure theres at least one), GO ON ROLL20, JOIN A WARRIORCATS FORUM! YOU HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY, YOU DO NOT NEED IRL FRIENDS TO PLAY TABLE TOPS ANYMORE!!

  3. I remember printing out my character sheet when I was little and making a character only to realize you had to have friends to play…

  4. me, a lonely college adult whose really bad at games: maybe i should stay up until 7am watching how to play game

  5. when your gonna play cuz you have friends but they mock you for liking warrior cats and would never play w/ you


  6. if you are interested in roleplaying warrior cats, there’s a huge community on instagram that i recommend you check out.

  7. I’m planning on making a discord server to play this because most of my friends aren’t into warriors (if anyone wants to join I can add a link here)

  8. My warrior
    10 moons
    Strength: 3
    Intelligence: 2
    Spirit: 2
    Wrestle: 1
    Ponder: 1
    Listen: 2
    Animal Lore

  9. Will Falconstorm ever become Falconstar? If yes, how will it affect their character sheet? Can a player character even become a clan leader?

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