Super Smash Flash 2 has finally given the people what they wanted and released Waluigi… I am not one of those people.

Any drawn thumbnails / outro art are made by Nova1Duke!

#SmashFlash2 #SuperSmashBros #Alpharad

➤ Music Used:
You Say Run:
To Zanarkand:
Waluigi Pinball:
World Tournament Arena:
Circus Park:
Puzzle Panic:
Theme of E102 Gamma:
Final Destination (Brawl):
The Ultimate (Naked Mix):
Swear to my Bones from Persona 5 (Outro):

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41 thoughts on “WALUIGI'S REVENGE

  1. I know a easy zero to death from center stage with waluigi down throw to dash attack to forward air to up air

  2. 9:47 miloni: this game sucks
    oh, yeah. you have so much fun maining chibi robo, then lose once and you say the game sucks.

  3. never in a million years would I have thought that the most overpowered character in a video game would be a tiny ping robot

  4. My school wont let me watch this because of the key word "naked". whew thanks school, really dodged a bullet there.

  5. I like how they did Waluigi how they made his up b the opposite of Luigi’s up b to where instead of the up b doing a lot of damage when you first activate it it is where at the end when you reach the max height of the up b then it will do a bunch of damage (I wrote this weird)

  6. Yo, I just came back to watch this vid for boredom and just realised, the one piece lad is like what the Arms character could be similar to.

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