Top 10 Tiny Games


Join Tom, Zee and Sam as they share their favorite tiny games!

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Tiny Games

  1. does anyone know of a game like classic playing cards ( 4 suits type ) in regards to how many very different games you can play with only one deck, eg. cheat, chase the ace, pontoon, 11's, rummy, fish, ect. ect. i love how you can do this but obviously basically no theme at all, if you know of any games to fit this please recommend, if not … i think the first people to make them will have many sales.
    N.B doesn't have to be just card games if you have other good recommendations. thank you.

  2. @ 29:15, -"Roy hit it." Yeah this vid is best example of watching Tom & Zee getting sick of Sam's juvenile contributions to the team.
    Tom may 'laugh off' the tension to be polite, & to keep things moving along, but it's coming back at the next Sam pick…

  3. I used to own Pit.  It is a shouting game and I will never play it again.  My hubby's favorite small game is Qwixx.

  4. At #7 now and just have to say that spyfall absolutely fits in your pocket. I have gone to so many parties with four or five packs in my pocket. It is terrific to pull out at a tiny cocktail table with no room at all and say “one of us is a spy”.

  5. In no particular order:
    Less, Like Chess but Less
    Tiny Epic Zombies
    Coup (with the Reformation expansion)
    Hero Realms
    Star Flux
    Ninja Camp
    7 Wonders Duel
    Council of Varona

  6. My Dad usually has a deck of cards with him in the hopes that someone will play bridge with him.
    – Chris

  7. Hurray, Circle the Wagons! I've been binging your top ten lists and I'm so glad to finally hear that game come up. I've only got an extremely modest collection (under 20 games) but after recently being inspired by you guys to rank them Circle the Wagons ended up in the number one spot. It's just beats out every other game I have in a number of aspects; cheaper, smaller (easier to bring out or take places), simpler (but deceptively very complex despite it), more replayability, faster (we always play best of three), more accessible (BIG plus) and more. Really intricate and enjoyable little game, and even though it's perhaps not my FAVOURITE, I think for all the reasons mentioned I'd always be willing to play it over any other game in my collection, which says a lot and is the reason it's number one.

  8. You gentlemen were in rare form tonight. This is the most I have laughed at one of your presentations. Keep up the good work.

  9. 19:35 – Wait? What? You're Americans, why and where would you have been taking an actual 🚂 Train? 🙂 😛
    That's actually one useful definition of a Tiny Game: Fits in a pocket /and/ can be played on a train table.

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