Top 10 Busted Scenes from Racing Games


Top 10 Busted Scenes
Here is the top 10 list of busted / arresting scenes from your favorite racing games.

The list of games that have arresting scenes (Racing games only)

1.Need for Speed – Carbon
2.Need for Speed 1994
3.Need for Speed – The Run
4.Need for Speed – Most Wanted
5.Need for Speed – Undercover
6.Test Drive Unlimited
7.Test Drive Unlimited 2
8.Road Rash
9.Need for Speed – High Stakes
10.Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit 2

There are also busted scenes in Midnight Club Los Angeles but unfortunately the footage cannot be recorded. It is not available for PC.

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49 thoughts on “Top 10 Busted Scenes from Racing Games

  1. The scene from The Run is my favourite one, because it's the most dramatic and you can escape 😀

    Your PC doesn't seem to like Undercover 😀

  2. 5:13 *pauses frame in the middle of the pursuit

    "Hey,thats me. You might wonder how i ended in this situation, all of this starts 5 years ago when…"

  3. NFS hot pursuit doesnt seem to be number 3 NFS The Run and NFS Carbon has better busted scenes than the NFS Hot Pursuit 2 because the NFS Hot Pursuit 2 has only 3 Simple Busted Scenes the character doesnt attempt to fight the cops to escape

  4. 6:30 i respect the guy that was playing at this point because if i was him i would literally let them bust me.

  5. The one thing that's more painful than getting busted is when an officer shoots your bike with a shotgun, rendering it obsolete.

  6. 6:13 I think im the only idiot that thinks the cops were trying to help out the player

  7. Plot Twist: Paying the friccin bill and lost ur money is better than getting busted by Special Forces with a helicopter

  8. Escape the Police in test drive Unlimited 2 Is IMPOSSIBLE.
    Once they have stopped you, you'll get 5 sec. for escape

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