THIS GAME SCARED THE **** OUT OF ME | Watson Scott Test – Part 1


The Watson Scott Personality Test scared the absolute **** out of me!
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here



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27 thoughts on “THIS GAME SCARED THE **** OUT OF ME | Watson Scott Test – Part 1

  1. when it asks the question are you playing a game rn for the last time and it spaz's out, I paused and it said "Im in your bedroom"

  2. my cat started scratching at my door when it said to look at the nearest exit, scared the shit outta me.

  3. 15:53 at the glitch, if you quickly pause during the glitch, it says “I’m in your bedroom right now.”, and after, when Sean said “can you hear me or something?” It then shows “yes.”

  4. I played this with a Friend in the middel of the day and it was super creepy they didnt want to continue playing cuz it was too scary

  5. Jack: you should watch this with headphones to get the full experience

    Me and probably 80% of his audience: I think not🙃

  6. I am sitting on a couch,at a corner which is at the end of my house. Which means i could see the rest of my house and behind me is just a wall. And yet i still looked back

  7. 15:56 If you put it on 25% speed and pause really quick it says "I'm in your bedroom right now. Wake up Jack" How the f*ck does it know his name??????

  8. Remember kids, in the case of demons in you house, recite the jungle book shortly before killing yourself

  9. He creeper me out when he said am I alone lying in bed in tgexdark considering I was this creeper me out lol

  10. 8:40

    Me: well I wouldn’t know because I’m not home and now I hope nobody is waiting to kill me when I get home…
    (— —; )

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