The Hat Man: Shadow Ward – Not-Free Indie Horror Game


Hat Man: ($5)
I recorded this a couple weeks ago, but never uploaded it. So uh, enjoy! If you can! I look forward to more monsters named after garments. How about “Shoe Man: Darkness Hospital” next? Or maybe “Fedora Woman: Obsidian Sanitarium.” What? These are great ideas, don’t be jealous. Thanks for watching!


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33 thoughts on “The Hat Man: Shadow Ward – Not-Free Indie Horror Game

  1. Well, at least the journals from the girl are KINDA realistic to a mental hospital. Most of these games are just oogga booga I'm crazy!!! I'm gonna kill my wife TEE HEE NURSES MAD AT ME 😠😠 The doctors note for an extra pillow was a good touch 😳 game is shite though

  2. Sectiono about the need for a padded chair, the girls butt and being in limbo had me dying. I wish John would play games like these again

  3. To be fair, this game has a bit more potential to be good than most other games you've played, like Timore or any of the games by Nomad.

  4. ScriptWelder and his deep sleep series did way more justice to the shadow people than this game did :/

  5. You should check out Hide and Seek starring Dakota Fanning and Robert De Niro. It's an amazing thriller about an imaginary friend

  6. Not trying to polish a turd here but, that view outside the window was gorgeous. Felt like some kind of filtered google street-view, quite realistic. Was quite curious to see what that view would be like in the "shadow dimension", but sadly is never shown in this footage…can't be bothered buying the game for this curiosity either haha

  7. Pieces of the ceiling keep *breaking*

    John: "Gimmie a break"

    Me: Nothing? No silly pun joke face or anything??

  8. The babadook was a wack movie I remember when it accidentally got posted to Netflix as an LGBT film

  9. I lived in Canton, if I read that intro right.It does not have broad grassy fields. Of course, I don't recall seeing an asylum, either.

  10. It's funny you should mention how impressed you were with Babadook since it was the director's first film, agreed though, it's a great film

  11. The hat man seems like a silly name yes, but there is actually lore behind it. Some people who suffer from sleep paralysis, myself included, have seen the "hat man" while in the sleep paralysis state. Just looks like a dark shadow of a person wearing a hat. So yes, while the game has a stupid name, and honestly the game itself could have gone in a completely different direction, the "hat man" is something that many people have experienced. This is usually due to our brain still being in REM sleep, but we are conscious at the time. It's actually the main reason why I'm so into horror, it kind of desensitizes me, and I don't get scared as much. I was excited when I first saw this game, but honestly I'm soo disappointed after seeing the gameplay.

  12. Man, the journal entries in this… yes, I'm only seven minutes in, but fucking hell. As someone with suicidal thoughts and mental illnesses, it's not hard to see the person that wrote them has no idea what they're doing, the lass voicing them was about as interested as John is, and I wouldn't say it's too much of a stretch to say that at least that writer is mentally healthy. Extremely misguided, yes, ignorant, perhaps.

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