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46 thoughts on “TECHIES AND THE MAGICAL BANANA! – DotA 2 Funny Moments

  1. i am 1 of your follower i always play with techies too …. i have only 1 request can you give me a taunt of techies or item for techies please thank you …….
    dota 2 id # 297138708

  2. i actually like the part that techies hide in jungle while mk disguise as tree , i mean NOT TO OBVIOUS XD

  3. Бладстоун гавно на текиса. Поинтбустер + соул ринг = бесконечная мана. Выкладываать надо шарики просто.

  4. well my favourite bit of this video is when u say "boob" to wraight king in the minute 5 :).
    sorry for my bad english but i must say to you that you are the funniest player of dota i ever seen.
    you make my days better.

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