Starting Lineup Talking Baseball


This video is about the Parker Brothers electronic toy Starting Lineup Talking Baseball that was released in 1988. I’m not sure why the lights appear to flicker in the video as they do remain solid while playing, and I forgot to state that the game runs on four “C” batteries. I’m holding the camera at the start so it’s a little shaky. If you want to skip to the gameplay that begins at 4:32.

I also wrote a blog post to accompany the video that provides a few more details and has photographs and scans of the items that appeared in the video.

Vault 1541 Blog Post:

I said in the video that I’d leave that blog link in the comments but I meant description. There are a few other mistakes, like blocking the lights with my whole hand when I was trying to point to the sixth light and saying you’d get a better view of the batting keypad when I played but you really don’t (and I should have focused the camera better on the lights). Sorry! I also forgot to point out that I removed one set of stadium lights intentionally to play since I thought it obstructed the view a bit. I’m sure I’ll improve in future videos but I didn’t want to re-shoot again as I had already done that a few times and I think this one turned out okay. It has been a challenge to get decent audio and limited background noise. The microphone picks up a lot so anytime an airplane flies over I feel as if I have to restart or try to edit it out. I got through this one without an airplane but there is a faint car sound and the neighbor’s dog barking was picked up unfortunately but it didn’t last long (at 13:27).

Thanks for reading this and checking out the video! I hope you stick around and visit the blog to either get for more information on Starting Lineup Talking Baseball or to read articles and see ads from past video game magazines.


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7 thoughts on “Starting Lineup Talking Baseball

  1. I still have this! Not anywhere near the condition of yours,the baseball field decal came off some time ago and cant find it and dont have the plastic stadium lights but the game itself still works,even have a couple of the cartridges

  2. Ouch it costed $99?! I do not remember it being that parents bought me mine so it must have been for my birthday or something lol

  3. Different cartridges?! I had no clue those existed what were some of the other teams you could play as?

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