Setup VPN for DMM Game Client -Description for Steps-


Download first one on the list (VPN Client + Gate Client Plugin)
1) You will get a Zip folder after you download the VPN,
open the installer, Install SoftEther VPN Client [First one]

2) After it finishes, just launch it and you will get to the main

3) Click on Virtual Adapter on top, and then New Virtual Network
Adapter. Name it VPN then click OK. and then wait…

4) At the bottom, you should see the Status (Enabled)

5) Double click on VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers.
**Once you open for the first time, it will ask you for consent and
if you want to Opt-in to share info with them. Just agree with all
of them and you should end up on a Big list of available VPN

6) Select any of the VPN in the Japan Region, most of them should
work .

– This is just to show you how to setup the VPN Connection, Once you open DMM and Login, it will say Acess Denied, but don’t worry, just disconnect the VPN, refresh the game client, reconnect VPN and you are good to go.
At the search bar search NEW LINK then the game should pop up.
just need to install and do the usual.. Data linkage etc.
(yes it is powered by Bluestacks)
ay uh… drop a like if it worked for ya
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15 thoughts on “Setup VPN for DMM Game Client -Description for Steps-

  1. Extra: Whenever I get any error (from updating games) it seems to be from the download timing out, because the download took too long to complete, try different connections to and see if it gets better. though of course your own connection needs to be optimal also. Lower ping does not always mean faster speed from what I experienced

  2. If you have error problem, try asking on Reddit r/Shinomas I did not experience any error on my run so I am not sure how to solve those issues

  3. For those wondering when you click the orange button and nothing happens; you have to install DMM and Login, then, logged in connect the VPN and then go to the link and press the pink button, click left and it will ask to open DMM, press yes and it will something of connection not authorized BUT it will ask to accept some terms, etc, and then it will start downloading nonetheless

    now you have to wait to "end" sorta, restart your pc because it will get stuck at 20% or 100% for some reason, and now you have to as the video shows to play, and it works

  4. For some reason when I get to 2:49 nothing happens. I click the orange button with the VPN active but nothing happens.

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