server based multiplayer "game" experiment


serverside created from scratch using nodejs
clientside created using unity engine

i didn’t create any 3d assets in the game it’s all free from the internet

this is not really a game, there is no gameplay in it
i’m focusing more on the backend and clientside mechanics
for example:
– the sync itself of course.
– database, login, inventory, friendlist system
– bubble chat system that rendered on 2D canvas but respecting the chat/bubble owner opsition in 3D space.
– notification system that can be used for various implementation like friend is comming online, alert messages, a friend request from someone and everything else.
– sandbox system or prop system where every player can design their own room with any props from the “game”

the sync itself covers multiple area such as:
– movement sync
– props sync
– room sync(the logic is just like the streamer sync system that is used mostly on big multiplayer games with a big map and big player numbers, so that you only sync a player position and data to another player that are close in distance)

i’ve done this experiment because my interest to MMO or MMORPG games.
i’m always curious how a multiplayer games work, especially a server based multiplayer, how you and other players can see each others move and do stuff online through the internet.

everything is done by oversimplifying the code, because as i uploaded this video i have a very little knowledge about unity, i only known unity for 2 months now, and about 5 months with nodejs
this “game” made in about 2 months


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