Safecracker : The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure- Full walkthrough all the safes!


1.first safe is simpe you need to move the arrows so the color of the arrows match the color of the dots very simple
2. is the number on paper we got from first safe 4289 is a laser safe number of arrows indicate how many buttons you need to pass 1 arrow means next number and the direction of it 3 arrows means you have to move 3 buttons in that directions the goal is to have all the buttons pushet and the red button to uncover.
4 for this safe you need to make a grid of 1 to 16 1 is the uper left corner and going from left to right and from up to down you follow this code closley where 0Xa number means how many times you turn that point.
5.the civil war safe L=E after you set the moving part E in front of the static board L you can read teh word ZEMVBYVULADV benith and figure out that the secret word is SIXFOURONETWO 6 4 1 2.
6. magnetic band safe U is for up D for down L for left and R for Right.U.R.D.L.D.R.D.L.U.R.U.R.U.R.D.R.D.L.U.R.D
8.this safe is broken you needto press randomly on some digits until you hear him say its some logic to this. then you press 123455663456
9.thsi one is simple there are 3 digits that are of difrent color you put in the magnetic key card and then 843
10.painting safe it looks exactley as the paiting on the photo look closeley adn you wont have troble with this one.
11. after the letter with the color hint you go to the laser safe and corect sequence is 584 = 592 – 8.
12. t shaped key is required its simple enoght.
if you are interested in the action bye action walkthrough tell me and i will continuee this detailed walkthrough


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15 thoughts on “Safecracker : The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure- Full walkthrough all the safes!

  1. I'm curious if something were to happen if you wrote the will out to the other people at the end. Didn't someone ask for the money on one of the letters?

  2. Is this really for the original Wii? I have an original wii and yours looks slightly different from mine…

  3. What a difficult game, right from the start. Makes game play more aggregating then fun. Glad i only spent $1.99 on it…

  4. On the safe where there's an image, it's the image on the poker chip that is on your map, showing where you are in the house. Also, on the menu screen by the telephone to the right, there's a piece of paper by the cord, that's the symbol you're looking for too.

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