POWER UPS in Unity


Learn how to make Power Ups in Unity!

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30 thoughts on “POWER UPS in Unity

  1. How about to change player speed instead of getting bigger? What parameters in unity to change player speed??

  2. The problem with the reversion of the power up here is that it's proportional to the /current/ health rather than the amount gained at the time of taking the power up. That could be intentional, but wouldn't it be better to store the amount of health gained by the power up in a variable then subtract the player's health by that number once the duration ends?

  3. When removing the effect can't i just make a new function called normal and reverse the effect in it
    And in the pickup method i just add invoke and the amout of seconds i want ?

  4. What does the code word ‘void’ do on the script, I’ve Been watching your videos for ages now, and I never understood ‘void’

  5. how you can make a magnet powerup like in Subway, to atract the coins/diamonds to you for few sec? :/ all my respect!

  6. Please help when i try to multiply or divide it says you can not convert a float to a int if you find a fix please help

  7. How can you extend the time of power up boost if you pickup the same one twice while the effect of the first one is still active ?

  8. Gish I had soooo many issues with that partice effect pack. I tought I fucked up something so I always started over when I saw the "LibraryPackageCachecom.unity.postprocessing@2.0.3-previewPostProcessingRuntimePostProcessManager.cs(425,66): error CS0117: 'EditorSceneManager' does not contain a definition for 'IsGameObjectInMainScenes'
    " error. Turned out that I had to update the Post Processing stuff inside the package manager. Dunno if anyone else had similar issues but gotta leave this here.

  9. If i have a runner style game and I want to add a powerup to it should I even bother with adding an effect when the player picks it up?

  10. this is really cool and quite simple, I’m creating a simple local multiplayer vehicular combat game similar to twisted metal and vigilante 8 and I’m wanting to implement a random weapon pickup to the game similar to mario kart where it gives the player a random weapon when collided with pickup. the weapons are attached to a weapon holder parent object and I want to enable a random weapon (child object) from the weapon holder index. how can I implement this using this method as a base?

  11. This tutorial helped me a lot. But the Particle pack did not go over well with my project, right after importing my project was unusable. So without the particle pack great tutorial 😀

  12. This coroutine thing was really confusing. Why not just tell the Player object to change state to Powered Up state, and then setup a timer, which will send an event to revert the effect? Why must the PowerUp object track the player?

  13. I did it excatly as you did……….. and it did no work, the particles effect, not the destroy. the destroy works fine

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