POKEMON SUN: Post-Game Adventure!


Ultra Beasts, Kanto Champions, and Cosmog (Oh My)
Just another journey through the Alola region, this time, tying up loose ends through what we left undone in the first episode of Pokemon Sun!


~Music Used~
We Are The Champions:
You Say Run:
Shine Get (Outro):

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44 thoughts on “POKEMON SUN: Post-Game Adventure!

  1. Pretty sure the reason the beast ball didnt work is because the beast ball has a .1% chance to catch any pokemon that is NOT an ultra beast. Necrozma is a Legendary before Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

  2. The names of the ultra beasts are: blacephalon,buzzwole,guzzlord,kartuna,nihilego,naganadel,phermosa,poipole,stakataka and xurkitree.
    If you want to see the pictures just ask Google.

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