Pok̩mon Sun Walkthrough – Part 33: Cosmog & Type: Null (post game)


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This episode isn�۪t a long one. It�۪s here I show you where you can get the following: Cosmog, Type: Null and of course, the Lucky Egg.

For Cosmog, you need to have Solgaleo (or Lunala) and head to the Altar of Sunne at night (or Moone in day). There�۪ll be a portal you can use to travel to the other world aka the one in Moon. Once that�۪s done, head to Ula�۪ula Meadow and go to the Lake of Sunne. You�۪ll find the legendary of that world, Lunala there. Eventually Cosmog will show up and you can have it join you. It�۪ll be at Level 5.

For Type: Null, head to Aether Paradise and go to the 2nd Floor. Talk to Gladion and he�۪ll talk for a bit and then give you Type: Null along with every memory drive there is. That simple.

As for the Lucky Egg, head to Route 1 and pay a visit to Professor Kukui. Talk to him and he gives you the Lucky Egg. That simple.

Simple eh? Next time in Part 34, we go out and capture the other remaining Tapu Land Spirits.

* * *

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7 thoughts on “Pok̩mon Sun Walkthrough – Part 33: Cosmog & Type: Null (post game)

  1. so u are not going to show Necrozma at the back of Ten Karat Hill? the strongest legendary in the game?

  2. Hey! I never knew kukui gives you a lucky egg! I was actually grinding off of pelipers for a good bit to at least get 1. Nice to learn about a valuable item! Thanks NG!

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