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A playthrough of Mindscape’s 1991 arcade-style action game for the Super NES, Paperboy 2.

I played through each of the three streets as Paperboy. The three difficulty levels feature entirely different street layouts, so I thought it appropriate to include all three.

I remember when this came out specifically because my dad was hyped that there was a new Paperboy game out. He was obsessed with Paperboy on thr computer and Toobin’ on the NES, and I played a them quite a bit with him (good memories!). When he insisted on Paperboy 2. I want going to argue, and I found that I loved it even more than the first.

It’s amazing how different the game felt despite it being really not very different from the original. There were a lot more of the funny animations (my favorite is hitting the waiter with a newspaper and getting mad points for making him dump the food on the customers!), and the levels felt a lot more varied with how the how orientation of the game screen flip-flops after you go through an intersection (and now you could throw papers from either hand outside of the bonus round).

Playing it in the years following, I always thought that the music sounded like a weird version of the Home Improvement theme song. I blame it on the jazz flute. At the very least, it makes me laugh to imagine Will Ferrel’s restaurant performance being inspired by this. I always liked the music, though. It’s really corny and memorable, just like in the SNES Jack Nicklaus game 😀
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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37 thoughts on “Paperboy 2 (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. Quite an achievement to make a SNES game this ugly. It looks worse than the NES! They felt compelled to fill in every clean surface with dots for no reason

  2. I remember when I was a little kid my older siblings who had a paper route told me this kind of stuff happend on there paper routes . I believed them lol

  3. I find it interesting how the subscriber houses are all nice and pretty, and the non-sub houses are either dumpy looking, castles with cannons, or like this small hut with lightning shooting statues.

  4. The BIG thing is, the more "good deeds" you do for the community (saving runaway baby carriages, foiling burglars/armed robbers) the more leeway the police can give you for the occasional "shenanigans." Do enough "great community service" every day for the three weeks the game entails (each week is a level of difficulty and is 7 rounds per level, with Easy Street leading to Middle Road and finally Hard Way) and you get the "golden ending" as this video shows.

  5. Yes! This made my morning! I was trying to recall the music and was confused when it didn’t sound familiar… then I realized i had been playing paperboy TWO when I was a kid. Awesome music.

  6. Hallo Ich finde es wirklich sehr Schade das das Spiel nicht auf dem Super Nitendo mini drauf ist ich habe die Leute bei Amazon gefragt wurde mir gesagt das dieses Spiel leider nicht in Deutschland gibt nur in Amerika habe leider niemand in den Vereinigten Staaten der mir das spiel mit konsole für 150 $ zuschicken kann würde es so gerne Spielen.

  7. I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas in 1991, and they bought Paperboy 2 to go with it. I never understood the hate, I always enjoyed it, and the animations are a blast. I remember avoiding hitting the old couple because it made me feel bad.

  8. Clicked for the thumbnail because that cop looks way to suspicious and that kid looks worried but stayed for the video.

  9. One of those cool, calm games you played with a friend late at night! You felt like a rebel when you went to bed at 3am!

  10. I wanted to ask a question: I''m doing a video for Christmas on the worst gaming gifts I ever received, Paperboy 2 is included. Can I use some of your footage with various games if I credit you?

  11. I got this game for Christmas in 1991 when I got my Super Nintendo, and always felt bad when I toppled the old people in their swing.

    It's like they mixed Home Improvement's theme with Seinfeld's.

    And that obstacle course song is a hilarious trainwreck.

  12. Not content with merely delivering fake news, Paperboy continues to engage in mindless vandalism. Paperboy 2: The reign of terror continues.

  13. This game was definitely a favorite in our house when I was a kid. My mom was especially hooked on it. The music in this game always reminded me of the Seinfeld theme, LOL.

  14. Had this game. Always thought the music sounded like something from Seinfeld. Then again, it would be funny if Kramer or Elaine were the characters in a basic paper delivery game. A game about delivering newspapers would be "a game about nothing" if that happened.

    I owned the SNES version when I got the console sometime after my 7th birthday. And beating this legit today was a pain compared to the Game Genie back then or save states in emulators today.

    Best part was always passing the carnival in Hard Street and continuously pwning robbers. The NES version was the same, yet the controls threw me off since I was all SNES on PB2.

  15. The Mega drive version Paperboy 2 by Tengen is the best Paperboy game overall, you might wanna try that out!

  16. This is the one I remember playing the most. It was really fun to see what all the different people and obstacles would do when you threw papers at them. Some of it would even be in the next day's paper!

  17. I wish I could find the original arcade cabinet in an arcade somewhere; it has handle bars, so I think it would be really fun to play!

  18. Okay, let's say there is whatever explanation you can find for the hand in the sewers trying to catch people, but… A stronghold that shoots real cannonball at sight ? What the fuck is that neighbourhood of hell ?! How can that be considered legal ?





  20. Okay, so it might not have a set of handlebars to play it with, but this is still a great update of the original, classic Paperboy formula.

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