Paperboy 2 (NES) Longplay


A longplay of Paperboy 2 for the NES.

Paperboy 2 was developed by Tengen (of Gauntlet fame) and published by Mindscape. Much like its predecessor, the objective is to deliver papers along a neighborhood street while dodging hazards along the way and avoid losing subscribers through vandalism.

This addition to the series didn’t introduce many new features other than multiple streets of varying difficulty and the ability to play as Papergirl, who is just a sprite change. Though it can get repetitive early on, it’s still a decent arcade-style endurance game. However, unlike its predecessor, despite being released to a plethora of platforms, arcade was not one of them.


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24 thoughts on “Paperboy 2 (NES) Longplay

  1. The music and some sound effects sucks compared to the original although the training course music sounds cool. I do love the gameplay and extras.

  2. Much better than the SNES version. One big reason is the SNES running at 30 FPS while the NES game runs at 60.

  3. You have a castle with a moat shooting cannon balls accross the street…Some type of Temple with Gargoyals spitting fire at you…Some dude rolling tires into oncoming traffic..A forthouse with teenagers throwing baseballs accross the street…Runaway babys rolling fullspeed down the sidewalk…Rampant runaway dogs all over the place…Some dude breaking into a gas station in broad daylight lol This kid lives in the Hood!!

  4. This was so hard to me when I was a kid. Probably still would be. Those damn hands coming out of the grate and the freaking cars. Ahhhh! So fun though! Thanks for the upload!

  5. I run the NES Paperboy 2 leader board on, I would like to add your run to the board but wanted to ask your permission first. Let me know 👍

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