Ninjago: Spinjitzu Vs. Airjitzu – Which is Better?



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49 thoughts on “Ninjago: Spinjitzu Vs. Airjitzu – Which is Better?

  1. When you said Airjitzu takes spinjitzu and gives it wings I disagreed because Airjitzu has like a clear vortex but spinjitzu is more pure because the enemy can't see them

  2. If i had to choose one I would choose airjitzu because it is much cooler and you can also fly. But I still think spinjitzu is cool two

  3. IF being honest they both are cool and unique it 's the Fan Base's Opinion and for regular Lego fans

  4. Có phải đó là lời nói dối FB của cha tôi LG Optimus G2 nằm trong nước cốt chanh😎😎

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