LGR – Re-Volt – PC Game Review


Quite possibly the best combat remote-controlled car racing game yet made. Seriously, Re-Volt was fantastic in 1999, and its gameplay formula remains timeless. Think R.C. Pro-Am meets Mario Kart. Pure win!

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25 thoughts on “LGR – Re-Volt – PC Game Review

  1. What do you mean sentient? I always thought the lore was just a bunch f kids playing.
    I was killing them?????

  2. No the N64 version isn't better then the PS1 version. You got to be blind and a masochist to state such things. And overall I rather took the PS1 version which worked and was plug n play experience instead of the expensive PC crap that had maybe one notable game running while everything else was a mess or took way too long to make something work. That is why consoles still to this day exist. For gaming. While some waste their life away trying to make something to work and spend insane amount of money on it normal people insert a game and play it, that's consoles for you. And the money can go to something smart for a change.

  3. this game is a direct competitor to NBA Live in a category:
    a quantity of weed utilised playing video game

  4. Hot Wheels DeLorean in 1985 trim. Nice.
    Also, I love Re-Volt, it's still one of my favorite games along, like Carmageddon only without all the killings.
    Some of the later tracks in the Championship were absolutely brutal, especially in Simulation, with no room to mess up.

  5. Goddamn I used to play this when I was young, very underrated. Youtube recommendation is clearly workin great. Thanks yt

  6. Revolt is a great fun! I wonder if anyone hear about Big Scale Racing. That is a more realistic RC experience and I realy love it.

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