Iris Quest Demo


See It Uncensored from the link at the bottom of this description.
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Intro & Outro song- Original Sin by Taylor Dayne


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8 thoughts on “Iris Quest Demo

  1. Oh wow, I didn't thought you would do a let's play of the demo the day after I gave you the link, it shows how much you like Iris ^^

    Like the secretary said, there were many hidden secrets, like hidden doors that could lead you to a better knife for Iris, also there is an alternate ending if you kill the captain before the girl, she wakes up, tells you she was the orignal captain, and want to sexualy reward you … but unfortunatly for Genie, she is into girls ^^

  2. 49:15 so the cock doesn't have to be censored? well that is just not fair…
    (if it did need censoring, I'm sorry.. please don't hurt me >.> much..)

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