Indestructible* Blast Chamber – Premiere


This is my first video ever so the quality might be a bit lacking in some places, also to make up for any details I may have missed in the video I’d suggest taking a look at the world download and/or the schematics.
*Not Unbreakable in the sense that is doesn’t jam if you play on a laggy server, use my latest design here:

World Download:

Schematics(For use with Litematica mod):

Non TnT Duping Variant:

TnT Duping Variant:


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12 thoughts on “Indestructible* Blast Chamber – Premiere

  1. Since it breaks if the blocks come in inconsistently does that mean it will break when hooked up to a tree farm since the farm outputs different amounts of logs each time.
    Great video btw

  2. how many items would be in the hopper for zero ticking blocks in or is zero ticking not an option?

  3. Hey! Awesome video and amazing design. Just built this and it works great. One question. I have it connected up to ilmango's basic tree farm. I'm using the feeders from the video he's linking to in his blast chamber video to convey the logs into your blast chamber. After a bit of testing, I ended up with logs being pushed down too far, where the TNT couldn't get to them. It didn't seem to break anything, but do I need to adjust to timing in the hopper clock? Don't got the brain for these details, even with your clear instructions…

  4. Brilliant video and a really good explanation on how to build this. Looking forward to more videos from you.

  5. I really want to see autocrafting videos, although I spent hours with you making them, I still don’t know why they work, but I know they work. Hard to explain, so an explanation would be really nice. Also, people may want to add this blast chamber to their cobblestone / tree farms, you should explain how to attach those with 0 tick, or tell them is 0tick safe

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