How Minecraft Conquered Gaming – (Operant Conditioning In Video Games)


Minecraft, at the core basics of its game design, uses techniques studied by B.F. Skinner about how to affect someone’s decision-making. Basically, it’s addictive. But is that a bad thing? It’s better than being addicted to gambling I guess.

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41 thoughts on “How Minecraft Conquered Gaming – (Operant Conditioning In Video Games)

  1. Wish I would of found this when you make it. I think you are 100% wrong here. You are calling something more then what it is. Once you understand agency; you don't question shit like this.. you just understand it.

  2. minecraft is one of the best games I've played. Yea I said it. Come at me edgy teens who like 18+ games

  3. 7:11 that is, a fantastic point. even better when in csgo and other games with similar item systems where it means social status and wealth it makes a skinners box where they just open "one" more crate.

  4. I think that argument works fine if you play vanilla survival and just dig a hole all day (something that bored me after a very short amount of time), but that's not where most of minecraft's gameplay is.
    Redstone, command blocks, creative building, and technical modpacks all add a VAST amount of creative freedom. Server plugins and mods can make the game into a sort of Gmod experience where the game is just an engine to build other games in.
    All this attracts players for far different reasons than simple skinner box diamond mining.

    Nice video though, you earned a sub 😉

  5. people only do minecraft videos cuz they are lazy and want views thats why people do so much clickbait

  6. This was actually a really good minecraft video. The only one that explains the psychology relating to the games influence.

  7. I feel like we had the exact same childhood, I started playing Minecraft fairly young around the mid beta stage, and was playing on my early 2000s MacBook that had no battery so it needed to be plugged in 24/7. I also remember having a 1 click mouse so I needed to bind left click to F.

  8. The only thing that stands between radical islam and western civilisation are minecraft youtubers! :'P

  9. I came over from protomario. Usually I don't pay attention to shout outs but I'm glad I did. You've got great talent in this and I'm sure you'll hit that 100k in no time. Subbed.

  10. When I learned about minecraft I was about 13 years old. I spent two years making my dream kingdom and dream castle. I was about 80% finished. While moving back to United States my PC got busted and I lost all that data. Till this day, I still have this written on my to do list. "Recreate Akasha". Tbh I could've fixed it myself but I was a lot younger and didn't know a thing about the insides of a PC.

  11. okay damn, you're at 400+ subs now
    Does that mean you have an official fanbase?
    what's our name?

  12. Another great video Shygrim! Glad to see you starting to get the recognition you deserve!!
    It's funny how many YouTubers have, at some point, played Minecraft(myself included). Just goes to show how big of a game it is.
    Also, can't wait for this giveaway! I already had everything done!

  13. Nice vid as always grim, keep up the good work! I think you did miss another side of Minecraft though, and that would be the multiplayer side of things (I still do completely agree with you on the singleplayer survival / creative side ). A ton of people that play Minecraft only play PvP servers, or other kind of minigame servers. Things like redstone make gamemodes never thought possible when the game came out actually possible. And redstone in itself opens up a gateway of who knows how many possibilities. I mean heck, someone's already made a functional CALCULATOR, so who even knows. (Btw, am I THE ONLY ONE who noticed this was the first vid without text on the thumbnail that ended in "?" lol ). Again, keep up the good work, looking forward to the next vid!

  14. If Theminecraftdude75000 😩 and shygrim 👧😍 both drowning 😱👋 and I can only save one 😤😬 catch me at shygrims funeral 😔👻 with my diamond armor on 😏💯⛏

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