Guitar Lesson 4J: Jingle Bells Verse

Âm Nhạc

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In this lesson Andrew shows how to play ‘Jingle Bells Verse’


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43 thoughts on “Guitar Lesson 4J: Jingle Bells Verse

  1. Very good! I like his videos because he shows tab on the screen so that we could understand and we can also note it then we can practice it later whenever we like. It's good!

  2. this is not for kids under the ten years, maybe a very talented kid but the average kids can not play something like this. Only by practising a whole year maybe

  3. kids tutorial? geeze what do you consider kids? i'm 17 & I can never go the last speed. I'm good with like the first 2-3 speeds but I suck when I try to go fast like the last one. oh my goodness. and I cannot, for havens sake use a pick. it is not happening with me. I always pluck the wrong string when I use a pick. lol

  4. It may not be Christmas but I now know this part of Jingle Bells. Out of all the guitarists I have seen so far, you sir have been the best!

  5. What string is the 0,3,1, and 2 …Its doesnt make since what you have written and what your playing? Help

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