Galactix Arcade Game Let's Play At The Gaming Center


Galactix is an Ticket Redemption Arcade Game that we were able to hit the Bonus of 200 Tickets on the first time we played it last month. Yup, we agree..200 tickets is kind of “yawn” for how hard you need to work to hit the Mothership in this Ticket Redemption Game. Additionally, the amount of Ticket Payout for hitting the other spaceships is on the weaker side. If you are more into actual video game “gameplay”, this particular game is a slight bit stronger in this area. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in Arcade Games that are strong in terms of Ticket Redemption, we would not recommend this Arcade Game at all. Just our personal opinion, but this Game feels like something I would play on a Gaming Console 15 years ago and I can see why it is not popular at all at the two different Gaming Centers we’ve visited recently. Still not sure why they removed a few other popular Arcade Games (Nascar Team Racing) and brought this Arcade Ticket Redemption Machine in. Not sure about that move at all.

Galactix Ticket Redemption Arcade Game

The Maestro: “No Longer A Recommended Arcade Game”
M&M: “No Longer A Recommended Arcade Game”

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