FTL: Faster Than Light – A Hard Act to Follow


FTL: Faster Than Light is an absolute classic, which I consider one of my favourite games of all time, and I felt like playing it. So here we are.

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Fanfare for Space, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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34 thoughts on “FTL: Faster Than Light – A Hard Act to Follow

  1. When you said Skies of Arcadia was one of your favorite games, my respect for your opinion went way, way up.

  2. What I love the most about Lanius B is that it has no scanners. Means absolutely no penalties for going through nebulas, actually makes nebulas objectively the best place to be, more rewards, no downside since you have no scanners for it to mess with.

  3. Little late to the party but… I like to use guaranteed victories (ie a single almost dead engi running around trying to repair stuff) as a chance to farm xp for my boarding party. Just let your crew practise smashing buildings while the enemy runs around fixing them. Just be sure to shoot the shields as the enemy really hates you attacking their shields. May also be not super exciting viewing…

  4. i can only play ftl in 2x speed, the weapons charge and crew movement feels so unnatural.
    do your self a favor if you read this and get cheat engine and speedhack x2 to play ftl

  5. it's michio kaku style force field only deflecting energy based munitions while your hull armor absorbs solid projectiles with some sort of nano mesh. Interesting,

  6. With Lanius B, the general strategy should be to play defensive. You can literally beat the enemy flagship with your starting weapons on Hard if you get yourself a Hacking system.

  7. When you send both a Mantis and a Lanius at the same time, that's better than two Lanius. Wanna know why?
    You have a clone bay. Your Mantis is there to protect you Lanius while he sucks the oxygen from the room. If the Mantis dies, it won't matter. Just make another one.
    What I'm saying is, basically, use the Mantis as a disposable body guard.

  8. If you wanted them to die, surely you could just… leave them there? They'll die when the enemy ship blows up, right?

  9. Full Lanius crews are just the best. They're complete tanks in combat, and they don't need oxygen. No power to the oxygen system needed!

  10. I once used a small bomb to kill both of my crew so they could get cloned back but put them in the cloning bay, destroying it and killing half my crew. I was very disappointed.

  11. Played this game for a month then realise that we are the federation
    tbh there rebel's force is so big they are practically the federation

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