Flippin' Out from Endless Games


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Flippin’ Out is a party game where a letter or player is eliminated with the flip of a chip. Mix the 24 letter chips around so they are not in any order (Q,X and Z are on one chip). Each player or team places his pawn on the start space on the game board. The first player spins the spinner to choose a category card and then reads the category out loud. For example, a category could be rock bands. That player then flips over the 10-second timer and the player to the spinner’s left has 10 seconds to name a rock band that starts with any letter of the alphabet. So if that player said Def Leppard, he would flip over the D letter chip. Once a letter is flipped, it can’t be used again that round. Play continues, with each player or team given 10 seconds to come up with an answer using whatever letter chips are left. If you can’t come up with an answer before time runs out or if you use a letter that’s already been used, you’re out for the remainder of that round. The player or team left standing wins the round and moves their pawn forward one space on the game board. The first player or team to advance his pawn to the finish space is the winner.

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