ENDER'S GAME Comic-Con Trailer


Our ennemies do not rest. Neither Will We !
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Join the International Fleet and fight for humanity ! In theaters November 1st, 2013.

Based on the best-selling, award winning novel, ENDER’S GAME is an epic adventure which stars Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, with Abigail Breslin and Harrison Ford.

ENDER’S GAME Trailer 2 (Comic Con 2013)

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35 thoughts on “ENDER'S GAME Comic-Con Trailer

  1. Esta película es una bostaaaa. Quieren la verdadera historia? Jueguen al Mass Effect. La peor bosta. Una mezcla de la primera guerra con los turianos, sospecha de guerra con los reapers pero al final solo eliminaron a los Rachni…
    Esto es una bostaa. Denuncien al puto que escribió el guion e hizo estoooooooooooooo. Indignado me dejo la porqueríaa… Shepard era un pendejo de mierda, con una bola de boludos al lado, nuevitos… donde esta el krogan?????grunt??? esto así no va!!

  2. >Assuming the F-35 is garbage even though it hasn't been officially used yet


  3. Hey guys, posted my movie review on my channel. If you guys could check it out then that would be great. Thanks!

  4. I'm pretty sure the battle was fought in space, with ships – not fighters in atmo. Mazer was the commander of a reserve fleet, not a fighter pilot.

  5. How about watching it full? 🙂 Visit the link for more info.

  6. Ender blows up the bugger home world thinking he was still playing a game, becoming a murderer of an entire race is hard on him, especially after finding out the burgers want peace, the war was a mistake cause they couldn't communicate with humans. Ender leaves Earth to colonize the bugger home world he destroyed with the Dr weapon and finds a queen bugger cocoon left behind that telepathically explains it all and he becomes a speaker for the dead and searches for a world to bring the cocoon

  7. Mazar doesn't die. But he does disappear and we have already seen him back (played by Ben Kingsley) in the other trailer.

    I suspect he ejects or that was careful "editing" and you are seeing a missile in the long shot.

  8. The books states that the shot was shown. Maneuvering, one ship fires one missile, the boom, and then burning into the ships and finding the dead Formics.

    The whole of the battle was never shown. Parts were edited for propaganda purposes.

  9. "I give a fuck less about this whole thread"
    yeah, i can tell how little u care by the essays worth of comments you've posted
    Bro, u mad? 😀

  10. oh, did lil' michael fehr get butthurt? if you're gonna troll, either be less stupid, or get some thicker skin.

  11. michael fehr<
    what hole? i see no hole. just an OSC nut-hugger complaining about what every film adaptation of a book has ever been accused of. and before the release, lol. like you're telling us something special
    i have not stated whether i care for card's opinion at all. i'm just asking you to justify your claims which seem even more shaky as u cannot seem to provide proof of them

  12. not a word about the differences in sequencing, character changes, moral dilemma or inner struggle… all you've pointed out is that the method of conveyance is different, which was obvious from the get-go.

  13. look no matter what, movies will be different to the novel, thats fact, if it isnt it will run in to other problems, but seeing as Orson Scott-Card wrote the script (or at least the first draft) and turned down MANY movie offers because they were wanting to change too much,
    and anyway, watching this again, it isnt too different, (he isnt kamakazing into the ship, thats a missile, you can see him locking on in the shot before, just the way this short is edited makes it look that way

  14. That's not the point. the point is the technology used in the video. and how the events are played out. Mazer took out the enemy ship in a completely different way in the novel even in the videos documenting it that were available to the public are completely different in the novel.

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