DIY Perler Bead Stationery Holder (Video Game Theme)


It’s back to school time for me and I made a pencil/pen/stationery holder to bring with me to put all the stuff scattered on my dorm room desk! Which theme did you like the most?

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Supplies to look into:
39 Drawer Organizer:
60 Drawer Organizer:
6000 Black Beads Bag:
1000 Bead Bags:
Mini Beads Sets:
Sorted Artkal Bead Sets:
Shiny Ironing Film:
Beading Accessories:

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I Love my C64
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42 thoughts on “DIY Perler Bead Stationery Holder (Video Game Theme)

  1. I wanted to try and see about making one of my sides for Tapper but the bars look like it would be difficult for placement with the beads. Snake would work though.

  2. I don't know if you'll see this or not, but I had a few different consoles growing up, gamecube, wii, the DS, gameboy color and the advance, PS2 the thin version not the giant brick. original nintendo and the 64. i was born in 2001 and just recently turned 19. My parents are both 80s babies, so it was why we had the nintendo and whatnot. Something that's crazy looking back on today.

  3. "I never actually played with a gameboy color because it was released the year I was born."
    feeling old intensifies

  4. I'm a couple years late to this party but I just got into perler beading last year, just before Christmas. My first console that I had personally when I was growing up was the 16 bit Sega Genesis, but I'm old enough to remember the days of the NES and the original puke green colored screen of the original Game Boy.

  5. I love this! Ive been needing another pencil holder. And my first console was the og playstation. Played a lot of wwe on that bad boy

  6. My first console was atari, then sega, super nintendo. I'm 30 and I still wish I has all my old consoles.

  7. I had a game boy colour from my mom that was faulty and we didn't know we could replace it until later (I'm turning 19 this year)

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