Dimension – How To Play And Game Play


In this video we’re going to learn and play Dimension by Kosmos. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question in the Youtube comments below.

Dimension’ BoardGameGeek page:

00:00 – Introduction
00:46 – The Setup
01:00 – Gameplay Overview
01:40 – Placement Rules
03:23 – Gameplay Begins
04:30 – End of Round Scoring
06:47 – More Placement Rules
19:29 – Final Scoring
19:51 – Conclusion
20:15 – Optional Rules / Variants
20:57 – Bloopers / Extra Content

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26 thoughts on “Dimension – How To Play And Game Play

  1. 8:13 How can the condition on the second card be satisfied? I would think you need at least 2 blue balls for that. because it basically says that 2 blue balls have to touch each other. I understand the condition of the fifth card forces you to use only 1 blue ball in order to meet the condition of the sixth card, making it impossible to meet the condition of the second card. It happens again at 13:22.

    I think this game would be more fun with some more colors as well, and maybe some larger boards to combine more colors. Time for an expansion, Kosmos.

  2. Played this at midnight during Gen Con 2016 with 2 complete strangers for probably an hour and half. This game can easily take a hold of you and force you to wrap your head around this puzzle.

  3. Just tried it and it was great! Thanks for showing me how to play! PS I wasn’t bothered reading the rule book and I prefer watching you haha

  4. What an amazing video! I appreciate the family friendliness of your show, and it was great to see y'all having a blast with this game. It makes me interested in buying it!

  5. Thanks for the entertainment, guys! As is often the case, the out-takes were the best part, hehe. I gave this one a miss when it first came out, was a little worried about lack of replayability/variability, but now, idk, it certainly looks fun! Thanks again!

  6. This type of video was a fresh and fun time. I would watch more of these. The ending was great as well.

  7. This is a great, often overlooked or underappreciated game. It really appeals to puzzley types and people with great spatial awareness skills. My son and my wife are killer at this game, often getting perfect scores, and it has been a great bonding game for us to play as a family. Thanks for the video!

  8. We love Dimension! It should have a Disclaimer that states.. WARNING: If you play this more than three times before bed, you will be stacking colored balls in your dreams all night and wake up in the morning frustrated and exhausted.

  9. had this game for two years. love that it's getting some love. I'ts my top 10 abstracts of all time, ever, period.

  10. Amazing video as always Rodney, 🙂 I would love to see more videos similar to this for some of the smaller games, I have always believed in the learn by play idea, this is an excellent way to format it. Great job!

  11. The end chat was great! Btw I also think of a giraffe when I think of Rodney for some reason. Maybe because Rodney sorta rhymes with Geoffrey (the giraffe from toys r us) (rip)

  12. In the last round pep broke a rule: there was a white ball in the middle that you guys missed, so he would have been deducted two points

  13. "You want to try and get your blue balls to the top."

    ::looks left
    ::looks right

    We're just gonna let that go, then? OK….

    I gotta say though, the anticipation of making a joke and then NOT being able to make the joke is making me uncomfortable.

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