Dice Alias Game


Dice Alias! A fast-paced word association game for the whole family! The newest addition to Tactic’s incredibly successful Alias brand. Dice Alias includes: 7 letter dice and 1 blank die which can be used to create any letter. Players roll the dice into the bowl in the center of the board and race to be the first player to find a word that is four to eight letters long. Once a player sees a word, they shout out ALIAS! And describes their word by using synonyms, opposites and other clues. But they can’t say any part of the word or use rhyming words. In Dice Alias, everyone plays at the same time! Game play is fast! With no waiting turns and constant action, the race to victory is thrilling for everyone. Designed in Finland, Dice Alias includes educational game elements that help players build their vocabulary. It’s so fun, players don’t even know they are learning. Dice Alias, the fast-paced word-race that is fun for all ages. For 3-8 players ages 7 & Up.

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  1. Try free android app Alias with themed packs of words like Space, Food, Party, IT and kids mode with pictures. Link to Play Store https://bit.ly/2m5Y22w

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