Crazy Cubes from Spin Master


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Crazy Cubes is a new line of collectible toys with a twist on traditional marble play. Each pack of Crazy Cubes comes with its own unique combination of shooter, marble, and accessory for enhanced gameplay. Each Crazy Cube comes with its own matching marble brain and collector card, which doubles as a blocking wall or shooting target. There are more than 50 Crazy Cubes to collect and 10 teams to choose from, such as Fight Master, Circus, Arctic, and Forest. Each team has one rare cube with changing eyes or changing mouth.

To shoot the marbles from the cubes, insert the marble into the top of the cube. Then turn the cube on its side and aim. When you’re ready to shoot, push in the cube’s feet and the marble will pop out of the cube. Players earn points depending on what the marble knocks down. There are a variety of game set-up ideas, shooting styles, and scoring rules in the included instructions sheet. Kids can find more ways to play at

Crazy Cubes are available in two-packs for $4.99 and five-packs for $9.99.


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