Coding Adventure: Clouds


Clouds are lovely and fluffy and rather difficult to make.
In this video I attempt to create clouds from code in the Unity game engine.

Project source (Unity, HLSL, C#) is now out of early access:

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Learning Resources:

Mouse flight:
Plane model:

“Hypnothis” and “The Show Must Be Go” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

I made a mistake at 2:12 in saying that the closest point is guaranteed to be inside the adjacent cells, it’s possible to get arrangements where the nearest point is two cells away orthogonally. This doesn’t seem to occur much as I never noticed any discontinuities in the result, but worth knowing.


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25 thoughts on “Coding Adventure: Clouds

  1. hi
    i want to know from where you learned that.
    i real tired of searching on the web so can you tell me what i need to learn these?
    (i know programming)

  2. I don't know why I'm watching these videos – all I want to do is learn how to make a 2D platformer in Unity LOL; but these vids are fascinating to watch – dude you're like a genius…

  3. 7:41 Vision literally makes sense now, its the intersection of light hitting an object, and your eye looking in that direction, WOWW

  4. these clouds are FAB – but I'm getting long gap-lines between areas – have tried tweaking all the settings – how can i close up these tile-gaps ? cheers! ed

  5. I think you built unity and c#. Your brain is bigger than just an indie game developer .great work…me too also like experiments..

  6. I am making a Gas Giant upper atmosphere area and I just can't find a solution that satisfies me…

  7. hold on the clouds should reflect any light source right? I might end up using a similar system because I'm trying to make a realistic space sim with full planets so I'm assuming using an actual sun should work instead of UE4's sun system

  8. i just started my first game yesterday and now i am going to delete my computer
    (but srsly though this is all kinds of amazing)

  9. Here's my code. I don't think it's very good, though.
    Here's my flying simulator I cobbled together on a whim.
    Whoops, just invented cold fusion. Needs work.

  10. Please HELP me 🙁
    I've watched the video with great enjoyment. This is for sure.
    Probably I'll watch a few times again and again.
    And also;
    1. I'm learning C#
    2. I know classes, methods, ifs, loops, inheritance, enums….etc…
    3. Im watching nearly all videos on youtube, not only watch but also I'm working with those videos. Writing every single code fragment and until I understand not passing over to other topic.
    Because I dont know how to pass from intermediate to advance levels and topics
    Can anyone tell me how to become an advance coder on C#?
    I dont know how much time it will take, and actually I dont care how difficult it is.
    I just need someone as a mentor to tell me "do this every day, study this book, study on these videos…etc.."
    Please show me the way how should I study, AND I WILL DO.

  11. to take it a step (or 100 steps) further, you could make it so the clouds flow around terrain and stuff like in your time lapse at 6:55

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