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Classic Game Room HD reviews the Sony PSP model PSP-3001, released in 2008. This PSP is the unit that CGR uses for all of the PSP reviews because it has an amazing audio and video output that allows gamers to play the PSP on televisions with component video for the best picture possible. The PSP itself has an amazing screen, sounds great through headphones (or stereo system) and is built with excellent controls and feels solid. The UMD format is the weak link for this (and other, older PSP models) unit because the UMD drive is an optical drive just waiting to have problems. Fortunately PSP owners can download most of their games from the Playstation Network these days, including a huge number of original PSone video games for PSP. Now that the PSP Go is released you may think that the PSP series 1000, 2000 and 3000 are obsolete but they are not! The older PSP models can still download the newest games and rock your journey with Playstation on the go goodness.


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42 thoughts on “Classic Game Room HD – Sony PSP review

  1. How to downlode free games on psp with out using pc ,usb , phone please tell me how to downlode darect game downlode on psp

  2. The movies on UMD were encoded in 720p, if I remember correctly. Which means it was the highest resolution optical format you could buy in 2004.

  3. Que triste este video es de hace 10 años y a mi hoy 2019 a comienzo del 2020 me la van a regalar :’v

  4. "They should've gone digital in the first place'." Not in 2005! The hell you're thinking Mark? That's too new for 2005 and would've killed the PSP right away. Even in 2019, having a portable system that's all digital wouldn't work at all.

  5. Yes, UMDs make no sense now, but the price of flash memory in the mid-2000s was considerable. $20-odd for blank 2GB, which is what a UMD could hold.

  6. I have had absolutely no problems with my PSP. Even after all these years my PSP still plays like a dream.

  7. Sony created this wonderful console with absolutely everyone in mind, if you prefer physical games get the one with the umd if you don't get a PSP GO, and the emulating capacities are truly phenomenal, get a 3000 series and plug it right up to your t.v. and play all type of classic systems out of a nice little compact package, second to only the original XBOX as far as emulating in my opinion

  8. Mark, VERY few people agree with selling a console with no hard copies of it's games available for sale, so that's definitely a complaint almost entirely unique to you man.

  9. Man, some of the things this ol' video says grinds my gears a bit. PSP Go flopped with the removal of a UMD which makes this video pretty funny. Most of his complaints towards the UMD just seems to be user related issues. But, in the end, the PSP Go might be a better option now adays thanks to the modding. Although, bigger screen on the other models might be a plus to some people. Also, this thing was made way before Smart Phones could be used for multimedia stuff. It just seems like the guy was a little naive at the time.

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