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Build-A-Bear: A Friend Fur All Satans! Uh, I mean Seasons!
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46 thoughts on “Build-A-Bear Workshop – Game Grumps

  1. Kkkssssh the demon world ending turtle. Satan spawn in pink, cause if it was red we wouldn't notice the blood.

  2. Sad thing is that when i was so little i played this game all the time
    It was the best and i thought it was the greatest game ever next to epic mickey
    But now i see it and i die looking at the graphics xdd

  3. A little dissapointed that they barely played this game and didn't even get to any of the minigames or infuriating parts

  4. Did anybody ever comment on how Dan was talking about Little Big Planet??? I just noticed what he was talking about.

  5. I just watched sam o nellas video on shrikes and then randomly came here. Two silence of the lambs references in a row

  6. I know it can't hurt me but I did gag when David Cheeseman was demummified. For the love of all this is good and holey, please dispose of all the mold-growing things in there. Love you guys.

  7. And break awaaaaaay i spread my wings and i learn how to fly and i wont forget the ones that i love. Make a wish take a chance make a change and break aaaawaaaaay!! Lol

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