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In this episode we’re going to learn how to play 51st State!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:53 – Setup
02:18 – Game Play Overview
02:40 – The Lookout Phase
03:16 – The Production Phase
04:13 – The Multipler Token
04:32 – The Action Phase
04:58 – Action: Building A Location
06:21 – Location Type: Production
07:07 – Location Type: Feature
07:12 – Location Type: Action
07:21 – Developing A Location
08:43 – Action: Making A Deal
09:11 – Action: Razing
09:39 – Razing An Opponents Location
10:39 – Defense Tokens
11:21 – Action: Location Actions
12:10 – Faction Actions
13:07 – Action: Open Production
13:50 – Action: Take Or Play A Connection Card
14:43 – Passing
14:52 – The Cleanup Phase
15:35 – Ending The Game
15:44 – Final Scoring
15:54 – Determining The Winner
16:10 – Conclusion

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26 thoughts on “51st State – How To Play

  1. How's it goin, Rodney? I acquired this game (finally found a good deal from someone who managed to import it to my country) and I'm just waiting for it to arrive from the mail. I already own Settlers and I know they are in many ways the same game so I expected to not have a rough time learning how to play this one. Out of curiosity (and anxiety lol) I went to Portal's site to see the rules pdf and it seems that it doesn't have a "setup" section. I mean, if it's like Settlers, it's not the most complex setup in the world, but it wouldn't've hurt to have it on the manual. Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello, very good work as usual ! But i have one question about the defense token (the shield with the word police on it) : how do we get it ? Do i need to spend an action to take one of these defense tokens ?

  3. I had a quick flick through and couldn’t see this question asked. Sorry if it’s a duplicate:

    With final scoring, are deals worth anything?

  4. I was wondering about the timing of the “spend 2 workers for a card/1 resource” action which you can take multiple times on a turn. Do you have to allocate all workers announcing the goods you’re gaining? Or can I take a card, then decide what I want based on that new information on the same turn?

  5. Hi Rodney, great video as always! I notice that both the rules and your video say nothing about how many cards you should start with (or maybe I've missed it), so I would assume the number you start with is zero. But I've seen other playthroughs online which explicitly say you should start with six and discard two so that you begin with four. Given that you also pick up two cards during the lookout phase, that would mean you begin with six cards. I can see that you have begun the game with six cards too. Is that how the first round should begin?

  6. During the Cleanup phase you placed 3 resources on the Thieves Den. Is it not limited to just 2 resources total (and 2 workers)?

  7. Rodney… have had some questions about this game for some time… now, it sounds like one I MUST pick up…. your description was clear and got me clearly interested. Thank you!

  8. I haven't played Imperial Settlers in a while but this looks like an identical re-skin. Are there any notable game differences between this and Imperial Settlers, or does it mostly just come down to theme preference?

  9. Great game so many things you want to do on your turn but can only do one ahhhhhhhh.great art on cards too

  10. Took this game for a rip earlier today, it was a ton of fun! We tied and it came down to most goods in our banks. I lost but it was so close. This video helped me introduce someone new to the game and made my explanation much more cohesive. (Thanks, for teaching)

  11. Thank you for the play through Rodney. Just received my pre-order copy in the mail and going through the 1st game. As always you provide top notch work!!

  12. Could you clarify how passing works? A player can pass instead of taking an action during an action phase. This makes him immune to attacks from his opponents. But then you're saying "once all players have passed, the action phase is over". Does this mean an action phase consists of more than one go per player? Does it go back and forth until every player doesn't want to do anything else, and then he 'passes'? Or are you using "passing" in the sense of "when all players have finished their business during the action phase the action phase is over."? The rule book itself seems equally ambivalent about this issue…

  13. Excellent, cheers Rodney. Just waiting for my copy to arrive, now, but I think Ignacy said they were aiming to ship them out at the end of last week, so hopefully it should be soon. Think I'll have to write up a "to-remember" sheet as there's lots of little bits that are easy to miss.

  14. Your videos make me want to have kids so I can play games with them. Keep it up, you are help raising a new generation of awesome gamers!

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