2016 Tornado Foosball (Table Soccer) World Championships Amateur Doubles Final


Wayne Wicks and Steve Zeoke versus Ben Krueger and Charles Osmond in Lexington, KY, September 5, 2016. The final two teams out of a 91-team field.

The man of the match here is undoubtedly Jim Stevens of Inside Foos Productions, who also generously gave me permission to post this video. The commentary and video editing brings outstanding professionalism to an amateur foosball match, and automatically makes even the game-play seem better.

For videos of *actual* foosball titans battling it out from decades past to present, visit .

Along with practice/experience, nothing assists your game more than studying video.

Good foosin’ to you.

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31 thoughts on “2016 Tornado Foosball (Table Soccer) World Championships Amateur Doubles Final

  1. and yellow teams defensive zone when blacks shooting off 2 rod is atrocious… look at the goalie setup o.O

  2. why isnt yellow forward shooting a push side snake? wth… lol. pullside is totally blocked and he keeps shooting it.. a straight might go but push side is huge..

  3. I like the old white balls that were not sticky at least is not tony or frenchy toe kicks that made it unwatchable I love bump or 2 many front shots toeing and moving around boring always was to me I like the old days when the pros did pull and push bump shots more elegant snake rolloevers collingnon stuff tony spreadman yes very talented robots boring again give me a push kick or fake push kick then pull it back from the far man to the middle now that was talent.

  4. I actually made my own foosball table using wood on my channel. It's pretty cool and based on the Tornado table.

  5. I was good shooting with the 2 man. Playing buddy's my buddy's playing against would argue block those shots. Buddy playing goalie said cant stop what I cant see. Lol.

  6. I like a Tornado but it is not a glass top Dynamo. Much better table for combos and players that move the ball on the toe or heal. We played a different game in the seventies and early eighties then they switched from the Dynamo's as the competition table to the Tornado. It's very hard to explain the difference. Am glad to see at this tournament they haven't slicked the table up like in some places which I like becuase I learn playing and passing and setting up on the heel and toe. But I could play just bouncing in between the men but I prefer to play with the table slightly tacky because I prefer shooting a lot of different shots instead just a pull. But everyone needs a money shot and that usually is a pull but mine was a toe because I could go both ways and cut the ball between the men if I get your timing down. That's why it's good to have fast ball control and move the ball to kinda see the goalies movement and timing. Am 57 now and have had two shoulder surgeries and I can't play seriously anymore. My partner died four years ago. We traveled all over playing Dynamo Tournaments in the South and Midwest. The problem then we both were coke heads but we still won a lot of Tournaments because we grew up playing before we got home trained. We held down steady jobs so a few times we drove like 600 miles and barely made it in time to sign up. Leave work after staying up the night before and then drive sometimes ten hours and play without maybe a nap in the car. I miss those days.

  7. I still don't know why they call it amateur, 'cuz that Defender on the right has some awesome skills on the goal line!

  8. Foosball is also available on playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameslab.foosball_challenge

  9. Are the spinning the rod? can you explain how is the technique they use by touching the rod with the wrist?

  10. Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow passes to the yellow, and on to the yellow, and pass to yellow and shoot. What a great shot by the yellow.

  11. Great Game Guys!!!!
    I'm Amazed That It's Actually A Sport But Hey It's Kinda Enjoyable And Relaxing To Watch. You Just Got A New Fan……

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