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DX Racer RV131 chair

Canon 70D

24mm lense

Video Mic Pro

Canon G7X Mark II

Canon M50

Parrot Teleprompter 2


– Great, affordable Bluetooth headphones

– Excellent pure Android experience on a budget smartphone

– Must-have Bluetooth controller for emulation on a cellphone!

– Amazfit Bip, an unbeatably affordable smart watch

– Amazfit Stratos, my smartwatch of choice:

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43 thoughts on “📱THIS PHONE CASE IS A GAME BOY!

  1. Dont you think this type of case will affect the phone? Like the heat from the case or some kind of electromagnetic effect?

  2. i have the iphone 6s edition and i have to say, i love it. since the camera on 6s is horizontal, the screen of the game boy isnt upside down. i think the mispellings make it funnier to be honest lol. "nuts milk" is supposed to be "Nuts AND Milk", but the & sign got removed in translation

  3. Here you get this case a lot cheaper and faster! https://www.campers-shop.com/product-category/phone-case/

  4. Micro USB…
    USB C..

    Ya Know That The Majority Of Folks Out Here Aren't Flush, With Mountains & Mountains, Of Cash Right?

    And, So When They Finally Manage To Stretch Their Pockets Out, For A Portable Gaming Device. They May Well Wish To Play It, More Than Say… What One Full Charge Worth Of Playing Time, Could Provide?

    So That's Why Manufacturers Include Usb Cables/Wires, With Their Systems. And I'll Even Go One Better. By Adding That They Should Actually Provide Mains Adaptors Really. So… USB Cables/Wires Are Really A Cop Out. And Should Be Provided With The Mains, As An Alternative Charging Solution Too.

    As So They Should. As, So, They, Should.

    ~♥️🕹️~ All Gaming Love ~🎮~ All The Time ~🕹️♥️~


  5. Swapped buttons is the ultimate deal breaker. No color? Fine. No sound? Fine. No backlight? Fine. Painted pink and covered with images of flowers and tentacle porn? fine. Just put my B button in the right god damn place…

  6. He didn't point out that this is a famiclone
    but I'll give him props on mentioning DK 94 for the game boy (that donkey kong was a remake which added some cool twists to it)

  7. Indentation around the camera is NOT to block the camera….smh

    For a "nerd" you missed this….just saying. Pretty common sense

  8. Ok ok ok, I've watched enough of your channel to know it's 'Subscribe' worthy, love how informative all your vids are in relation to portable gaming devices, I've only ever had an Experia Play (as a portable gaming device first… before I lost it) which was the closest I ever came to owing a dedicated portable gaming device and have been searching for years for a new device but can't find one with everything I want in it.
    Subscribed!! =D
    Edit: I switched from zip lock baggies to the mesh zipper bags from Dollarama for my various dongles, wires and such.

  9. What this case needs is a cover for the front face. If only it had that.
    I would almost forget that it was a phone.

  10. Would this fit an iphone se? I saw on the site it says iphone 6 and 7 but i dont know of any physical differences between them and se.

  11. It is upside down not only for the camera hole, but mainly because when you hold you phone upwards the screen turns on, but the other way around the screen doesn't activate automatically.

  12. I love the iPhone even tho I can't emulate shit on it compared to android so I'm just gonna strap a cheap Chinese raspberry pi on the back. Why use your oled phone screen when you can have a 2 inch gameboy color screen on the back. 😂

    This is perfect for iPhone users. I'm sure it will sell like hotcakes.

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